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My name is Ez (ee-zee) and I’ve been a visual storyteller for as long as I can recall. About fifteen years ago I channeled my love for visual artistry and my passion for small businesses into a more concentrated outlet as a professional blogger. For more than ten years I created unique content for my (now defunct) blog Creature Comforts, which became a wonderful creative outlet for me as well as a highly acclaimed digital publication. Through my blog, Pinterest and Instagram accounts, I had the opportunity to create exciting custom content for businesses, both large and small; helping to increase customer engagement, promote growth, and achieve each brand’s goals.

Five years ago it was time for a bit of a change, so I said farewell to the blogging world and launched Petit Pippin; a small children’s illustration and toy line. While running my line I have also worked with a selection of small businesses as a social media strategist and content creator; supporting their growth through visual storytelling and social media marketing. I believe that the best story you can tell is one that connects customers to the heart of your business and is authentic and true to your brand.

Your brand has a story to tell.
I’d love to help you tell it!